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Project Description

This project has been initiated by Dwight Poler to explore the application of complexity theory to the analysis and reconceptualization of the philanthropy economy in the US and globally. 

Never before have we had the capacity to make such a positive impact on the world, as nations have grown wealthy through industrialization, and people have become more aware and engage with major societal and environmental issues. Certainly, thanks to the philanthropy economy many advancements have and are being made in the key issues that matter to us all, poverty alleviation, environment protection and restoration, education etc. But today there is great need to better understand and model the philanthropy economy, how it works, why it is the way it is, but not only do we need to effectively map out the existing system we need new ideas and insight to guide us in developing a new form of philanthropy that works to better channel resources and capabilities to where they are needed and when, to provide

This is where complexity theory can help us to bring to bear a new more holistic and integrated approach to philanthropy that would be more relevant to today’s context. Instead of looking at philanthropy in a linear fashion in terms of donations it takes a holistic approach looking at the networks through which resources are channeled and thriving economies are build to provide social value and real outcomes.

Dwight Poler

Long-time private equity investor; Adjunct Professor at LBS; studying complexity theory and modelling to explore potential innovation opportunities at the system level in the Philanthropic/Civic Economy

Joss Colchester

I founded Complexity Labs and work to glue the project together doing a bit of everything from research and video production to consulting, project management and web development.

Project Details

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