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Neural Networks


Neural Networks Artificial neural networks are computing systems inspired by the biological neural network of the brain. Such systems can progressively improve their ability to do tasks and recognize patterns by learning from examples. Artificial neural networks are in their essence computational networks that can perform certain specific tasks like clustering, classification, pattern recognition.1 They do [...]

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Machine Learning Approaches


Machine Learning Approaches Machine learning is a challenging area of computer science and engineering and there are many different approaches to building machine learning systems. As yet there is no formal classification of these different approaches but in his book The Master Algorithm1 Pedro Domingos of the University of Washington provides a coherent and accessible [...]

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Machine Learning Overview


Machine Learning Overview At a recent Google Cloud conference Rob Craft product lead for Cloud Machine Learning got up on stage and told the crowd that quote1 "On words of nine years ago we got out of the rules business, everyone in this room probably writes rules for a living if you write code, if [...]

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Cloud Algorithms


Cloud Algorithms The term algorithm is currently making a meteoric rise to fame. A geeky term that was previously confined to the world of mathematicians and software engineers is making its way into the mainstream, as people are increasingly recognizing the material impact on society that algorithms are starting to have. Algorithms, that used to [...]

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Data Privacy


Data Privacy With information technology, we have gone from a world that was private by default, to a world that is public by default. In a pre-digital world, our lives were primarily private by default, by the fact that most of our communications were not mediated by tools for mass communications; that our conversations were [...]

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Dataism The explosion in the production of Big Data, along with the development of new analytical methods, is leading many to argue that a data revolution is underway that has far-reaching consequences for not only how business is conducted and governance enacted but the very nature of how knowledge is produced within society. This is [...]

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Data-Driven Decision Making


Data-Driven Decision Making When Hurricane Katrina was about to hit the coast of the United States a large retailer did a study to prepare themselves by asking what products they might sell out of and what they should stock up on. A roomful of intelligent and experienced executives thought through what those products might be [...]

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Dark Data


Dark Data The digital universe - consisting of all the data we create annually - is currently doubling in size every 12 months. According to research by IDC, it is expected to reach 44 zettabytes - that’s 44 trillion gigabytes - in size by 2020 and will contain nearly as many digital bits as there [...]

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Big Data


Big Data Big data is a term that has come to be used in reference to data structures that are diverse, complex, and of a massive scale. Although the term has been in use since the 1990s it is only with the rise of web 2.0, mobile computing and the internet of things that organizations [...]

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Datafication Datafication refers to the fact that we are looking at more and more things and using technology to render them into a data format.1 Simply said, it is about taking previously invisible process/activity and turning it into data, that can be monitored, tracked, analyzed and optimized through analytics. Whereas digitization has been a process taking [...]

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