Machine Learning Approaches


Machine Learning Approaches Machine learning has now found widespread application in many industries Machine learning is a challenging area of computer science and engineering and there are many different approaches to building machine learning systems. As yet there is no formal classification of these different approaches but in his book The Master Algorithm1 [...]

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Machine Learning Overview


Machine Learning Overview Machine learning refers to the capacity of a software system to build models based upon data and to update those models to better fit the required output over time At a recent Google Cloud conference Rob Craft product lead for Cloud Machine Learning got up on stage and told the [...]

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Cloud Algorithms


Cloud Algorithms With the growth of cyber physical systems and online platforms expanding to more spheres of life algorithms can be found working behind the scenes processing data to organize more and more domains of activity accross economy and technology infrastructure The term algorithm is currently making a meteoric rise to fame. A [...]

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Data Privacy


Data Privacy As more and more of our lives and activities become datafied and technology provides ever more powerful tools for looking into that data, surveillance and privacy become ever more important issues With information technology, we have gone from a world that was private by default, to a world that is public [...]

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Dataism Dataism is the belief that mining data can reveal complete insights without need for prior theory or hypothesis The explosion in the production of Big Data, along with the development of new analytical methods, is leading many to argue that a data revolution is underway that has far-reaching consequences for not only [...]

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Data-Driven Decision Making


Data-Driven Decision Making Data has always been important within organizational decision-making processes but today big data's all-encompassing nature can truly transform how decisions are made both on an individual, organizational and societal level. When Hurricane Katrina was about to hit the coast of the United States a large retailer did a study to [...]

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Dark Data


Dark Data The term dark data describes the expanding universe of unstructured data that is inaccessible to traditional tools of data analytics and thus remains "dark" The digital universe - consisting of all the data we create annually - is currently doubling in size every 12 months. According to research by IDC, it [...]

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Big Data


Big Data Scientific research was the original producer of big data structures but today increasingly all large organizations find themselves with big data challenges and opportunities Big data is a term that has come to be used in reference to data structures that are diverse, complex, and of a massive scale. Although the [...]

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Datafication The advent of mobile computing has been a key technology in the process of datafication as it has work to extend image, audio, video, and location sensing out into the physical world Datafication refers to the fact that we are looking at more and more things and using technology to render them [...]

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Complex Analytics


Complex Analytics Complex analytics deals with how we capture data about a complex system and process it into insight about the workings of the system Analytics is all about using data to answer questions, however how we approach doing this is very much dependent upon the complexity of the system we are dealing [...]

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