Mechanism Design


Mechanism Design Token economics represents the merging of economics and information technology, it shifts economics into a more technical realm. In the past, we could really just tweak around the edges, but now we can really design economies like we never could before. Once we shift business and economic organization into this more formal and [...]

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Token Incentive Systems


Token Incentive Systems Incentives are a central part of economics and blockchain networks give us new ways to design and build incentive systems. As Mike Goldin, a lead engineer at ConsenSys noted "Blockchain gives us programmable money. When you can program money, you can program incentives, and when you can program incentives you can program [...]

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Decentralized Organization


Decentralized Token Organization Token economies can be understood as a new way of coordinating human activity in a decentralized fashion, this being done through peer-exchanges within market networks. As Primavera De Filippi of Harvard puts it1 "Today the blockchain is marking the beginning of a new digital revolution whose focus is not just human communication [...]

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Blockchain Physical Assets


Blockchain Physical Assets The blockchain originates out of the purely digital realm of Bitcoin. Thus blockchain networks themselves can only ever manage what is on the network. This is fine if the asset is simply a digital token, but going forwards we find ourselves increasingly wanting to use these networks to manage real-world assets, thus [...]

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Security Tokens


Security Tokens The first application of blockchain technology may have been in currencies but people are becoming increasingly aware that a secure distributed ledger system of this kind could in fact potentially support all economic activity one day. Today startups around the world are feverishly building new frameworks for migrating ever more spheres of financial [...]

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Discount Tokens


Discount Tokens Discount tokens are one of the new innovations made possible at a large scale within a blockchain based token economy. In short, discount tokens are digital assets that give their holders a specific claim to receive discounts on purchases of products or services from an organization — such as an enterprise, a cooperative, or [...]

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Intrinsic & Extrinsic Tokens


Intrinsic & Extrinsic Tokens With major technological, social and economic processes of change underway we are fast moving away from the well-established model of the Industrial Age and into a new form of digital networked economy where the traditional well defined parameters of economics are being once again revisited as we search for a new [...]

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Utility Token


Utility Token A token is a generic quantified unit of value that is registered on a blockchain network. Today tokens are understood to come in two kinds, utility tokens, and securities tokens.1 Security tokens represent fixed assets of some kind, it may be a piece of property such as a house or a share in a [...]

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Tokenization Tokenization is the process of converting real-world assets into tokens that are recorded on a blockchain Economies are first and foremost about value, what humans value and how we strive to achieve the things we value. To have an economic system the first step is to take account of this value that [...]

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Triple-Entry Accounting


Triple-Entry Accounting One of the great innovations made possible with the advent of blockchain technology is the development of triple-entry accounting. Triple-entry accounting is a term for a new method of accounting, that was proposed in the 1980’s.1 It was more recently popularized when Ian Grigg associated it with blockchain technology. Triple entry accounting is [...]

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