User-Generated Health


User-Generated Health During the Industrial Age, we developed a specific form of healthcare model designed for the mass society of that time. The spread of industrialization, capitalism, urbanization and the increasing importance of scientific knowledge led to the emergence of a specialist scientific medical knowledge. This was a period where the modern doctor-patient balance of [...]

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Value-Based Health


Value-Based Health Around the world healthcare systems are facing mounting challenges and growing costs. The staggering projection for the growth of cost in the US healthcare system are the clearest example of this, but not an exception. Demand is going up dramatically as people get older, as chronic diseases are on the increase and as [...]

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Integrative Health Systems


Integrative Health Systems The context and nature of challenges presented to our health systems are changing fundamentally and rapidly, unfortunately, it can be said that the systems themselves are far from keeping pace. The most significant factor that is changing in the health equation today is that humans are creating their own ill health. As discussed [...]

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Contemporary Health Systems


Contemporary Health Systems Context At the beginning of the 21st-century health systems are entering into a new context - over the past two decades, the field of global health has become a complex network. Across the world - in developed and developing economies - there is a growing gap between demand for healthcare, which is [...]

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Evolution of Health Systems


Health Systems Evolution The institutions a society creates for dealing with health inevitably reflect the times they are created in. They inevitably evolve over time in response to society's changing body of scientific and medical knowledge, its accepted approaches to management, the given health challenges at hand, the available technology and resources, the organization and [...]

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Health Systems


Health Systems Health is the level of functional and metabolic efficiency of a living organism. The old English word for health comes from a Germanic origin relating to the idea of "whole". In this respect, we can think of health as the whole or complete physical functionality of an organism. If we think of the organism [...]

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Globalization Globalization represents the proliferation of relations on a global scale. The abstract phenomenon of globalization is one of the major processes of change in our world today. It is a social, cultural, technological and of course economic phenomenon. On a theoretical level, it is a process whereby the reduction in transaction costs leads to [...]

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Token Economics Overview


Token Economics Overview Blockchain technology is set to have a transformative effect on the very foundations of how our economies function, the study of this new form of distributed economy may be called token economics or also termed crypto-economics. In this video, we will give an overview to what we mean by these terms. The [...]

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Blockchain Prediction Markets


Blockchain Prediction Markets Prediction markets are speculative markets, very similar to futures markets which have been designed so that the prices can be interpreted as probabilities for events occurring and used to make predictions. Put very simply prediction markets enable users to trade shares in the outcomes of an event and in so doing to [...]

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Initial Coin Offerings


Initial Coin Offerings ICO, Initial Coin Offerings or first token sale, has become a new way to bootstrap a community, through pre-selling tokens that give users access to the futures services that the network will deliver. In an ICO, a quantity of the crowdfunded cryptocurrency is redistributed to investors in the form of "tokens", in [...]

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