Complex Analytics


Complex Analytics Complex analytics deals with how we capture data about a complex system and process it into insight about the workings of the system Analytics is all about using data to answer questions, however how we approach doing this is very much dependent upon the complexity of the system we are dealing [...]

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Data Analytics


Data Analytics Data analytics is the use of data to make decisions within an organization Analytics may be understood as using data to answer questions. It is the process of assessing and studying data in order to derive insight, from which one can make decisions and take actions that lead to effective outcomes. [...]

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Complex Data Analytics Overview


Complex Data Analytics Overview Complex analytics involves the processing of many different parameters across large data sets to find otherwise invisible patterns and correlations Complex data analytics refers to the use of advanced algorithmic methods to process large unstructured data sets effectively. Computers do analytical processing of data, in the past, this was largely [...]

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Blockchain The Institutional Technology


Blockchain The Institutional Technology Blockchain technology has the capacity to enable the emergence of totally new forms of social and economic organization; new forms of distributed networked organizations as central institutions within society The prominent blockchain thinker Primavera De Filippi summarizes clearly much of the significance of the blockchain as an institutional technology [...]

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Blockchain & Society


Blockchain & Society Blockchain technology is set to have a huge impact on how we organize social institutions as it works to decentralize existing centralized organizations along many dimensions The blockchain is as much an institutional technology as an information technology. It not only enables us to greatly strengthen the capacities of peer [...]

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Blockchain & Environment


Blockchain & Environment Blockchain technologies could greatly strengthen our capacities to quantify and track the value of ecosystems services thus enabling much more effective mechanisms for full cost accounting Typically when talking about applications of blockchain people start by talking about currencies, finance and then more general business applications such as supply chain, [...]

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Blockchain & Internet of Things


Blockchain & Internet of Things Security is a major issue with IoT development. As a single point of failure, centralized data storage is critically vulnerable to attack. In this respect, the blockchain can work to make IoT networks more resilient by providing a distributed secure network A new technology paradigm is emerging as [...]

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Blockchain & Economy


Blockchain & Economy Blockchain has many economic applications but probably its most important usage will be in developing solutions to facilitate the informal economy of emerging markets, through expanding financial services and asset registry to those who currently cannot access them Blockchain technology has relevance for virtually all domains but because of its [...]

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Decentralized Autonomous Organizations


Decentralized Autonomous Organizations Decentralized coordination via automated blockchain networks could enable the formation of organization on a much larger scale than has ever been seen before in human history The world is changing rapidly and the internet is fast entering a new technological era as web 2.0 gives way to an emerging set [...]

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