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Smart Contracts


Smart Contracts One of the key technological innovations of blockchain 2.0 has been the development of what are called smart contracts. Smart contracts are computer code that is stored inside of a blockchain which encodes contractual agreements. Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement or operation directly written into lines of [...]

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Distributed Ledgers


Distributed Ledgers The blockchain is like another layer to the Internet that enables secure, trusted records and transactions to take place peer-to-peer between people who may not otherwise trust each other; the trust is in the technology, computer code, and mathematics rather than people and centralized institutions. In this respect, people sometimes talk about the [...]

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Blockchain Distributed Organization


Distributed Organization Blockchain technology enables new forms of networked distributed organizations, something that runs very much contrary to our existing organizational paradigm and that is what makes it difficult for us to understand. The organizational model of the industrial age that we inherit today was one of centralization in order to achieve economies of scale [...]

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Decentralized Web


Decentralized Web The decentralized web, also called web 3.0 is a vision of the next generation internet as a peer to peer network built around blockchain technology, where users own their own data, data is portable, computing and storage resources are provided by end-users within distributed networks, apps run locally on end-user devices and platforms [...]

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Evolution of Blockchain


Evolution of Blockchain In the previous video we talked about the basic workings of the original blockchain concept, but over the past years it has been evolving fast, from the original Bitcoin protocol to the second generation Ethereum platform, to today where we are in the process of building what some call blockchain 3.0 In [...]

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Blockchain Technology


Blockchain Technology Overview On its most basic level, the blockchain can be understood as a new kind of database, at least this is its original design. What is different about this database is that it is distributed. Digital databases have been around for awhile now but until recently they have been designed to centralize information [...]

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Blockchain Articles


Explore a range of topics about blockchain tech from distributed organization to smart contracts and the internet of value

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Blockchain Overview


Blockchain Overview On its most basic level, the blockchain is a new class of information technology that combines encryption methods with distributed computing, both of which have existed for a number of decades. It was the genius of Satoshi Nakamoto to combine them in new ways to create a model where a network of computers [...]

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Blockchain Course


This course gives a 360-degree overview to the emerging technology we call the blockchain and explores its far-reaching implications for society and economy

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