Complex Analytics


This book gives an overview to the area of complex analytics covering the topics of big data, cloud computing, machine learning and smart systems

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Blockchain Overview


Blockchain, an emerging technology that is set to revolutionize the very foundations of social and economic organization, go in-depth with our full eBook

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Systems Ecology


This book is an introduction to the area of systems ecology, the application of systems theory to the study of ecosystems. Systems ecology uses mathematical modeling and computation to try and understand the networks of interactions between biotic and abiotic elements that give rise to the complex system of an ecology on all scales, from modeling the flow of energy within a microbial ecosystem to trying to understand the nonlinear dynamics of earth’s entire biosphere. Taking an integrative and interdisciplinary approach it bridges many areas from physics and biology to the social sciences. Whereas traditional ecology has studied ecosystems with little reference to human society,

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Systems Design


This book is an introduction to the application of complexity theory to the design and engineering of systems within the context of the 21st century. From the bigger picture of why we should care to key architectural considerations,

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Engineered Systems


Every time we buy a product in the supermarket, take a flight, recharge our phone or send an email we are forming part of what we call complex engineered systems

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Game Theory


This book is an accompaniment to our game theory course which works as a gentle beginners guide to game theory and the dynamics of cooperation and competition

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Complexity Management


This book bringings together some of the latest ideas from complexity theory and emerging approaches to the management of complex organizations.

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Emergence Theory


This book is designed around four main sections, after giving an overview of emergence theory we go on to talk about patterns of correlation in general before looking at synergistic interactions that are the foundations to emergence.

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