Adaptive Systems Book


Complex adaptive systems are all around us from financial markets, to ecosystems, to the human immune system and even civilization itself. They consist of many agents that are acting and reacting to each other’s behavior, out of this often chaotic set of interactions emerges global patterns of organization in a dynamic world of constant change and evolution where nothing

Network Theory Book


This is an introductory book where we present the topics surrounding network theory in a non-mathematical and intuitive form that should not require any specific prior knowledge of science as the book is designed to be accessible to anyone with an interest in the subject. During the book, we will explore all the major topics in this area.

Nonlinear Systems Book


Nonlinear Systems Overview This book is a voyage into the extraordinary world of nonlinear systems and their dynamics. The primary focus of the book is to provide you with a coherent understanding of the origins and product of nonlinearity and chaos. The book is designed as an [...]

Complexity Theory eBook


This book is designed to be an overview to the core concepts within complexity theory, presented in an intuitive form that should be accessible to anyone with an interest in the subject. Complexity theory is an exciting new area that is offering us a fresh perspective on many important issues, such as understanding our financial system,

Complexity Economics Book


These are interesting times for economic theory, as with information technology and globalization a new form of networked economy is emerging