Pattern Formation


A pattern is any set of correlations between the states of elements, pattern formation refers to internally generated patterns. Systems that have the ability to self-organize; to create order from initial disorder.

Emergence Theory Intro


Emergence is a term used in philosophy, art, and science to describe how new properties and features are created as we put things together. Emergence describes a process whereby component parts interact to form synergies, these synergies

Emergence Theory Book


This book is designed around four main sections, after giving an overview of emergence theory we go on to talk about patterns of correlation in general before looking at synergistic interactions that are the foundations to emergence.

Emergence Course


Emergence is one of the central concepts within systems and complexity theory as it describes a universal process of becoming or creation, a process whereby novel features and properties emerge when we put elementary parts together as they interact and self-organize to create new patterns of organization.

Theory of Emergence


In this video we will be giving a very high-level overview to the concept of emergence and the different aspects to it that we will be covering in more detail in future modules in the course.

Emergence Theory Articles


Explore the fascinating topic of emergence with our article series covering everything from pattern formation to autopoiesis to the edge of chaos hypothesis



Emergence Emergence has captured the imagination of people from many different domains, such as art, spirituality, philosophy and various domains of science. One reason for this is that it often involves the creation of surprisingly new and sometimes totally unexpected phenomena Emergence is a term used in philosophy, art, and science to describe [...]



Systems Transformation Systems transformation is a term used to describe the overall macro process of change within a system as it reaches a limit and evolves into a new regime. The metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly would be one example of a systemic transformation A transformation is a change of a [...]