Autopoiesis The term autopoiesis derives from the word auto- meaning "self" and poiesis, meaning "creation or production". The term is used to describe a system's capacity to regenerate or recreate itself. A system may be considered autopoietic if the parts to the organization interact with each other in such a manner that they are continuously [...]

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Emergent Types


Strong & Weak Emergence Emergence describes how new higher level properties, patterns and functionality form as we put component parts and systems together. Emergence is a pervasive phenomenon in our world exhibited by virtually all types of complex entities, such as plants, animals, human societies, cultures, and economies. It is apparent that new levels of [...]

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Pattern Formation


Pattern Formation A pattern is any set of correlations between the states of elements within a system. Pattern formation refers to the process through which a coherent set of associations between element's states is formed and persists over some period. A primary question we are interested in when studying any pattern is the question of how [...]

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Patterns A pattern defines some form of correlation between the states of elements within a system. All systems show some form of pattern, either in space between their parts, or over time within some process and these patterns can be understood as the product of some form of correlation between the constituent element's states. A [...]

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Synergy Types


Positive & Negative Synergies A synergy is a nonlinear relationship between two or more elements whereby they generate a combined outcome that is more or less than the sum of their parts taken separately, due to their capacity to work together or against each other. The idea of a synergy is one of the core [...]

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Synergies A synergy is an interaction or coordination between two or more elements or organizations to produce a combined effect greater - or less - than the sum of their separate effects.View Source A synergy is a particular type of interaction between parts; it is a nonlinear interaction where the specific way the parts [...]

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Edge Of Chaos Video


The phrase edge-of-chaos was first used to describe a transition phenomenon discovered by computer scientist Christopher Langton in the 90s. Langton found a small area conducive to producing

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