Industrial Ecology


Industrial ecology has arisen over the past few decades as the study to coupled environmental and industrial systems, offering a systems-based approach to modelling, designing and managing

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Water Systems


Complexity Approach to: Water Systems View Book Watch Video Overview Water is a religious ritual and entertainment, medicine and nourishment, energy and industry, conflict and social unrest, it crosses all borders between ecosystem, industry, economy and society. While water [...]

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Circular Materials Economy


Basic materials are the minerals extracted from the natural environment for usage in the production of tangible products, these materials provide the

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Food Systems


Food systems are probably the most ancient human construct, we have been developing new methods, processes and techniques for the capturing and trans

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Energy Systems


Complexity Energy Systems View eBook Watch Video Overview Energy systems are a central enabling and limiting factor to the development of an economy. As such, the level of technological, social and economic complexity of societies has, throughout history, been [...]

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Environmental Solutions


Complexity Approach to Environmental Management Download Watch Video Environmental Solutions Within the course of just a few decades we have transitioned from being a small world on a big planet to being a big world on a small planet, an extraordinary [...]

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Water-Energy-Food Nexus


Food, water and energy are essential for economic development and the well-being of every society around the planet. When we talk about the "environment" it is to a large extent this nexus that we are primarily referring to

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Natural Capital Accounting


Since a number of decades now the unsustainable nature of our industrial economic infrastructure has been made acutely evident. It is becoming increasingly clear that the linear model to industrial age systems of organization creates many negative externalities that render them unsustainable.

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Conventional & Alternative Agriculture


In developed nations today there is growing demand from society for an agricultural system that is both scalable and sustainable, both able to deliver on quantity and quality. Unfortunately it would appear that we are still far from achieving this. On the one hand we have our conventional agricultural system, that has done so well in terms of sustained incre

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Dematerialization: Explainer


Dematerialization refers to the absolute or relative reduction in the quantity of materials required to serve economic functions in society. The UNEP defines it as such”the reduction of total materials and energy throughput

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