Defining Complexity – A Discussion


Complexity Defined In this short interview excerpt Joss Colchester (founder of Complexity Labs) talks about his definition of complexity and a complex system in terms of differentiation. See the full interview on the HumanCurrent site. You can see the full interview on the HumanCurrent Complexity Podcast." 

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Announcing Partnership


Announcing Complexity Labs + RAYS Network Partnership At Complexity Labs we are big believers in the potential of blockchain networks as the technical infrastructure supporting the emergence of new forms of distributed organization. As such we work with various blockchain based projects to help them better leverage the use of network theory, game theory, self-organization [...]

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Reductionism & Synthesis


Reductionism is a process of reasoning used to describe things by breaking them down into their constituent components, analyzing the properties of these components in isolation and then recombining them in order to get a description of the whole system as a set of its individual parts, their properties and the linear relations between them.

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Adaptive Thinking


Adaptation is a behavior or response that is contingent on its environment, maybe the best way to understand it is to contrast it with reacting, we might think of reacting as a predefined response to a given stimulus, like an automatic door opening whenever someone approaches it.

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Nonlinear Thinking


A line is often defined as the shorts path from one point to another, linear thinking then describes how we interpret events or act in terms of direct cause and effect means. When we use linear thinking to describe something we create a direct logical connection from one cause to one effect, if A then B

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Network Thinking


Network thinking is about seeing not just things but the nexus of connections that they are embedded within and that give them context, it is seeing the overall fabric that these connections create and how that shapes and creates the space or environment around the thing that we are interested in

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