Network Organizations


Network Organizations Networked Organizations are open systems of organization that connect people directly peer-to-peer through informal networks of collaboration.View Source Network organizations may be seen as a product of the heightened connectivity brought about by the advent of information technology and a response to the more complex environment organizations operate within in the 21st [...]

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Organizational Self-Organization


Organizational Self-Organization Organizational self-organization describes how organization within a team can emerge from the bottom-up without top-down structure. Self­-organization is one of the major themes within complex systems and a pervasive phenomenon in our world, complex organizations like schools of fish, ant colonies, and car traffic manage to organize themselves into emergent patterns without any [...]

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Platform Organizations


Platform Organizations Platform organizations are a new form of open organization that harnesses the reduction in transition costs enabled by IT to build web-based platforms where people can exchange goods and services in a two-sided market, thus breaking down the divide between producer and consumer to create ecosystems where value is co-created and exchanged by [...]

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Management System Dynamics


System Dynamics System dynamics is a systems-­based approach to modeling complex organizations that is focused on feedback loops, stocks and flows. System dynamics is a modeling language from systems theory that is used in the management of organizations in order to try and capture how local causal links and feedback loops interact over time to [...]

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Organizational Emergence


Organizational Emergence Emergence is the process whereby new and novel structures and features are created as we put things together. Organizational emergence describes how the process of emergence plays out within the formation of organizations. The idea of emergence is for many the central idea within systems theory. Much of our conception of organization and [...]

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Systems Thinking Management


Systems Thinking Management Systems thinking management is an approach to management that is characterized by holistic thinking and the use of the model of a system. System thinking is an alternative paradigm to our more traditional reductionist approach to management. In science there is fundamentally just two different paradigms or processes of reasoning, these two different [...]

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Services Economy


A services economy is an economy whose primary activity it based in the tertiary or services sector. The services revolution can be described with reference to very straightforward empirical data. Over the past number of decades, services have come to dominate advanced economies and are slowly but surely coming to dominate the global economy.

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Management Theory


Management Overview Management in its general sense is a very fundamental human activity, in its most basic sense, we can understand management as being about organization. That is to say, it is the activity of organizing or arranging things so as to achieve some desired functional outcome. As such management is a pervasive activity that [...]

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The Rise Of Complexity


As the Industrial Age appears to be coming to a close we are left scrabbling for new terms to define the world we live in in the 21st century and there are no shortage of candidates from the Space Age to the Information Age to Globalization

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