Robustness & Resilience


Robustness & Resilience Resilience is the capacity of a system to maintain functionality in the face of some alteration within the system's environment.View Source All systems exist within an environment and are, to a certain extent, dependent upon a specific range of input values from that environment. The system has a set of parameters to [...]

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Self-Organization Far-From-Equilibrium


Self-Organization Far-From-Equilibrium Far-from-equilibrium self-organization is a hypothesis that describes the process of self-organization as taking place at a critical phase transition space between order and chaos when the system is far from its equilibrium.View Source  The essence of the theory of far-from-equilibrium pattern formation is that new forms of organization form when a system is [...]

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Self-Organization & Thermodynamics


Self-Organization & Thermodynamics Self-organization can be defined as the spontaneous creation of a globally coherent pattern out of local interactions.View Source As such self-organization explores a new approach to understanding the patterns of organization seen in the world around us. Probably the oldest and most fundamental question there is to ask in science is, [...]

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Fitness Landscapes


Fitness Landscapes A fitness landscape - also called an adaptive landscape - is a model that comes from biology where it is used to describe the “fitness” of a creature, or more specifically genotypes within a particular environment.View Source The better suited the creature to that environment the higher its elevation on this fitness [...]

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