Understanding The Networked Economy


Understanding The Networked Economy is our white paper on the transition of advanced economies into a new form of information based networked model where we provide insight, analysis, and recommendations to help researchers and organizations

Economic Degree Distribution


Economic Degree Distribution Man and daughter at a food stall in Kathmandu Nepal. Network degree distribution can be an important method for studying inequality as it helps us to understand how different degrees of connectivity within the economic network creates the disparities in income that we see. Degree distribution tries to capture the [...]

Economic Network Dynamics


Economic Network Dynamics As networks come to play an ever more important role in our economies, the study of networks structure and dynamics will inevitably become a key part of economic theory and analysis Economic network dynamics is the study of how economic systems change over time through the analysis of the changes [...]

Economic Network Structure


Economic Network Structure Understanding the structure of a network of connections within an economic system is important in that it can tell us a lot about the flow of resources through the organization Economic network structure refers to the overall makeup or topology of an economic system's network of relations. Many parameters can be [...]

Economic Network Theory


Economic Network Theory With the rise of globalization and information technology, networks are playing an ever more important role in the workings of the global economy Economic network theory is an emerging field of research that applies models from network science to the analysis and interpretation of economic phenomina.1 Economic network analysis can be [...]

Evolutionary Economics


Evolutionary Economics Evolutionary economics sees the economy as constantly changing through the production of variety and selection akin to that which takes place within ecosystems Evolutionary economics is a paradigm of economic development that is focused on the internal dynamics through which a macro economy generates novel phenomena and changes over time without [...]

Economic Fitness Landscape


Economic Fitness Landscape The fitness landscape model derives from ecology but has since been used to model all kind of complex adaptive systems, where it is used to represent the "fitness" of any given solution as a function of its elevation on the landscape A fitness landscape - also called an adaptive landscape [...]

Economic Resilience


Economic Resilience Contemporary financial crises have come to illustrate how vulnerable national economies are to movements within global financial, commodity and supply networks. Economic resilience is the capacity for an economic organization to recover from, adjust to, or maintain functionality in the face of negative internal or external impacts.1 The idea of economic and [...]