Reason Reasoning is a distinctly human phenomenon that involves balanced judgment and adherence to logical consistency Reason is the capacity for cognition, understanding, and the formation of judgments based upon logic or simply as the ability to think logically.Source Link Reasoning is the capacity or function of a conceptual system to process information [...]

DIKW Pyramid


DIKW The DIKW Pyramid describes, an as yet not fully understood, but fundamental relationship between knowledge and information DIKW framework describes a hierarchical relationship between data, information, knowledge, and wisdom. The hierarchy referred to variously as the ‘Knowledge Hierarchy’, the ‘Information Hierarchy’ and the ‘Knowledge Pyramid’ is one of the fundamental, widely recognized models in [...]

Creative Thinking


Creative Thinking Creative thinking is not only creating something different but it must also include producing something of value Creative thinking is the capacity to create ideas, which are both original and valuable.Source Link It involves connecting and synthesizing disparate information and ideas to create new and valuable knowledge or solutions. Creative [...]

Critical Thinking Articles


Critical thinking gives you wings; dig deeper into the key concepts from the standards of reasoning to lateral thinking and argumentation theory