Engineering Systems Dynamics


Engineering System dynamics is a modeling method for the analysis of complex engineered systems that are characterized by feedback loops and time delays

Engineered Systems Articles


See our full selection of articles on complex engineered systems, topics range from Socio-Technical systems to multimodal transport networks to technology convergence

Complex Engineered Systems


Complex engineered systems are large networks of technologies composed of many diverse subsystems, densely interacting in a nonlinear fashion to create a multi-tiered network system that evolves over time

What Is NBIC?


In this video we give a short introduction to the acronym NBIC which stands for nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive science

The Story Of Technology


Technology has always presented us with many questions about who we are, our place in the world, how technology relates to humanity and where are we going. Human beings and human culture have an inherent need

Technology Systems


Technology Systems A Bushman hunter in the Kalahari, Namibia uses a stick to probe a termite mound. The stick is one of the earliest forms of technology also used by other creatures such as chimpanzees Technology is often defined as the use of scientific knowledge to solve problems.1 In such a way technology [...]

Technology Convergence


Technology convergence is the integration of a number of disparate technologies or functions into a single integrated system.

Distributed Technologies


Distributed technologies are systems of technology composed of many small parts without centralized coordination or control. 

SocioTechnical Systems


Socio-technical systems is an approach to the study and design of complex organizations and technologies that recognizes the interaction between people and technology as a defining factor in the overall system's makeup and functioning.

Technology Evolution


The term technology evolution can be used to describe how complex systems of technology are shaped by, and developed through the process of evolution over prolonged periods of time.