Stability Landscape


A stability landscape is a mathematical model representing the various stable and unstable states that a system (such as an ecosystem) may occupy.

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Ecological Feedback Loops


Ecosystem feedback is the effect that change in one part of an ecosystem has on another and how this effect then feeds back to affect the source of the change inducing more or less of it.

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Ecological Networks


An ecological network is a map of the interaction between the biotic(and possibly abiotic) elements of an ecosystem, the classical example being a food web which is a network capturing the trophic interactions between the various species.

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Industrial Ecology


Industrial ecology has arisen over the past few decades as the study to coupled environmental and industrial systems, offering a systems-based approach to modelling, designing and managing industrial systems in relation to the natural environment.

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Socio-Ecological Systems


A socio-ecological system is a type of complex adaptive system composed of two primary subdomains, a human society and economy on the one hand and a biological ecology on the other.

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Adaptive Capacity


Adaptive capacity is the capacity of a socio-ecological system to respond to change of some kind, by generating the appropriate response.

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Sustainability Science


Sustainability science is a new academic discipline that draws on many previous insights and methods from environmental science, ecology, geology

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