System Modeling Framework


System Modeling Framework Being able to model complex systems is a core challenge facing the development of contemporary science. Due to their high degree of connectivity, emergent structures and dynamic nature, studying complex systems requires both a reassessment of the traditional mechanistic paradigm within science and a [...]

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Formal Models


Models Through the use of abstraction, models help us to grasp the whole of a system that would be otherwise impossible to experience through our senses alone A model is an abstract, typically compact, representation of some phenomena that enables us to conceptualize and communicate its basic structure and dynamics in a coherent [...]

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Abstraction An abstraction is a representation of something independent from its specific details or context, a building's blueprint such as the above would be a good example Abstraction is the process of considering something independently of its associations or attributes.View Source The use of abstraction involves removing successive layers of detail from [...]

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Instantiation Instantiation is the transformation of an abstraction into a real instance of it with specific attributes Instantiation is the process of transforming an abstraction into a concrete example.View Source An abstraction is any entity that exists independently of context or specific attributes. The process of instantiation is one of taking an [...]

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Encapsulation Encapsulation is a design pattern used in all forms of models to reduce complexity through abstraction Encapsulation means to cover or surround something in order to show or express the main idea or quality of it in a concise fashion.View Source Encapsulation is a central part of modeling and designing systems [...]

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Conceptual System


Conceptual System A conceptual system consists of a set of interrelated concepts that work to process information or knowledge A system is a set of interdependent parts that perform some function as a whole.Source Link A conceptual system is then a set of concepts, relations between those concepts, and the logic or [...]

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Conceptual Framework


Conceptual Framework Conceptual frameworks represent the sum total of cognitive structures through which we interpret our environment A conceptual framework may be defined as a network or a plan of interrelated concepts that together provide a comprehensive understanding to some phenomena or domain of interest.Source Link In the general sense conceptual frameworks [...]

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