Holism & Reductionism


Holism and Reductionism Holism and reductionism represent two paradigms or worldviews within science and philosophy that provide fundamentally different accounts as how to best view, interpret and reason about a given phenomenon. Reductionism places an emphasis on the constituent parts of a system, while holism places an emphasis on the whole system. While reductionism breaks [...]

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Conceptual System


Conceptual System A system is a set of interdependent parts that perform some function as a whole.Source Link A conceptual system is then a set of concepts, relations between those concepts, and the logic or processes of reasoning through which information or knowledge is processed. Concepts A concept is an abstract representation of an [...]

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Conceptual Framework


Conceptual Framework A conceptual framework may be defined as a network or a plan of interrelated concepts that together provide a comprehensive understanding to some phenomena or domain of interest.Source Link In the general sense conceptual frameworks form a group of concepts that are broadly defined and systematically organized to provide a focus and [...]

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Systems Awareness


Systems Thinking Awareness Systems thinking is, in its most generalized sense, a way of seeing the world. Before anything it places great emphasis on the question of how do we see the world, that is to say, our subjective interpretation of eventsLink . Human beings are not infinitely knowing creatures; we have a limited set [...]

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Reductionism & Synthesis


Reductionism is a process of reasoning used to describe things by breaking them down into their constituent components, analyzing the properties of these components in isolation and then recombining them in order to get a description of the whole system as a set of its individual parts, their properties and the linear relations between them.

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