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Complexity Labs is an open platform – open source software, creative commons content and free for anyone to join – designed to bring together the best in systems thinking within all relevant domains, from abstract theory and science to practical application. We work to provide the tools and software platform that enable interaction, exchange, collaboration and the formation of functional networks towards systems innovation in thinking and doing.

We aim to identify creative and innovative complexity + systems thinkers and actors and bring them on to the platform so that it can function not just as a repository for information and knowledge but also as a place of discussion and exchange. A network that can, not just function to connect and exchange ideas, but also facilitate collaboration and work towards developing and surfacing the best of systems solutions. Likewise, this platform will work to develop a network of external organizations; connecting the community with an extended network of partners to enable large-scale engagement and impact through collaboration with relevant stakeholders in academia and industry.

Our aim is to enable, catalyze and accelerate the adoption of systems thinking in academia, management and design; envisioning a future where system thinking is not a niche, but a best practice. We develop as an open platform to foster that large-scale adoption of systems and complexity thinking.  To amass the best knowledge of systems thinking. Build a community. Leverage a network. Enable systems change.

Open Platform

Adopt an open software platform for discussion, exchange and collaboration


Co-create content, surfacing the best in systems thinking and doing through community feedback


Build a network of partner organizations to engage relevant stakeholders


Accelerate the adoption of systems thinking in academia and industry


Our world is changing in profound ways, while a revolution in information technology is disrupting every industry and aspect of society, new ways of thinking are desperately needed to not just disrupt but reconstruct. A centuries-old analytical reductionist approach to thinking that has built our modern world, that has been so successful in the past is no longer so. We can’t solve the problems of today with the same thinking that created them, new ways of thinking are needed to take us forwards. Complexity and systems thinking provide a solid theoretical infrastructure for re-framing debates, for re-questioning issues and developing innovative solutions to current stumbling blocks – both in theory and in application.

We believe that complexity + systems thinking are central to reinventing the way things work. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the key systems we all use and rely on need to evolve and the new ways of thinking and looking at the world that complexity and systems thinking offer are critical to this reimagining and transforming. We aim to build a connected and inspired global community of systems thinkers and change agents who can think and act systemically.

Our aim is to bring together the best in systems thinking within all relevant domains, from abstract theory and science to practical application – in food systems, energy, finance, engineering and many other areas. To provide the best in thinking, the tools, and software platform to enable interaction, exchange, collaboration and the formation of functional networks towards systems innovation in thinking and doing. To that end, we build an open platform; open source software, creative commons content and free for anyone to join.


User Roles

The community membership is structured according to the type of organization and the level of engagement. Firstly the type of member; whether individual or group and what they do. Secondly along their desired level of engagement with the platform; whether a passive user or an active contributor.


Members play a more passive role primarily as users of the platform and its content. Members benefit from access to all of the resources on the platform; courses, reference articles, multimedia content, knowledge exchange, support and connecting with a community of peers.


Partners play an active role in the maintenance and development of a circle or circles; engaging in discussion, adding content, creating blog posts, social media, curating, evangelizing, etc. Partners will benefit from having our platform as a medium and tool for amplifying their influence, engagement and reach within a particular domain. To become a partner you must first register and then submit a proposal for your desired contribution.








Businesses, startups, consultancies, public admin etc.


Societies, forums, associations, foundations, research center etc.


Primary schools, middle schools, universities, academies etc.


Websites, blogs, media channels, platforms etc.



   The community is organized primarily around “circles”. A circle is a domain of interest, it contains all of the members that participate in the domain along with all of the functions of the community – i.e. blog, forum, resources etc – that relate to that domain. Broader domain circles encompass more specific sub-circles that fit within them.

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The blog is designed as a medium for informing people about what others are doing and what is going on across the community; as a channel for inspiring, for keeping up to date, through social media, blog posts, events, and regular newsletters.


Each circle has its own forum for discussion and answering questions. The forum is designed like the hugely successful StackOverflow that lets people quickly ask questions, get answers and to rate the best response


Each circle has a “Community Connect” section for members to find and collaborate with others who have similar interests and objectives. When you sign-up you will be asked about what activities you would be interested in.


Each circle has its own resources section for listing and finding the best external resources across the web. Members can quickly and easily add their resource, while a built-in feedback system lets people rate them, thus working to highlight the best content.

Join Us

We hope you will join us on this exciting new project and become a member of this growing ecosystem of, researchers, students, enterprises, managers, designers, scientists, systems thinkers, innovators – and the occasional complexity rockstar – towards developing and promoting complexity + systems thinking and realizing systems innovation and change
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All memberships are free and come with no binding commitments or constraints. Data is never given to third parties or used for any auxiliary purposes other than for community building on the site.
We fund the operations of the platform by selling the educational content we produce on external third party sites and by providing additional services to users where appropriate – such as options for downloading content or consulting services – to both respond to user demands and generate revenue.
Complexity Labs (the social enterprise based in Barcelona) will manage the governance, software development and day-to-day operations of the platform for the foreseeable future.
All of the resources that we produce are available under creative commons licensing for reuse.
All memberships are free and come with no binding commitments or constraints, but if you are registering as an organization you are representing your organization on the platform and must have the appropriate authority to do that.
The software platform is based on an WordPress framework running on a MAMP stack with numerous plugins, such as Ultimate Member for the community or GoodLMS for the e-Learning system.