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Becoming A Complexity Labs Partner

Wondering how you can get involved? Complexity Labs is a community driven project, people like you make it happen, building a functional community requires people to contribute – both big and small contributions. If you are inspired and motivated by the ideas of systems thinking or enabling systems change and wish to contribute to the platform then we would love to have you (or your organization) as a partner in this project. Here are some ideas for how you might get involved.


Become a Complexity Labs Evangelist and tell the world about our community through social media and any available channel

Answer Questions

Become an active member of the forum, asking and answering questions, engaging in debates and joining us for our live streaming discussions

Submit Resources

Try submitting, books, papers, workshops or courses that might be of use to others in the resource section

Events Manager

Become a manager of events in your circle, finding, detailing and submitting new relevant events

Content Creator

Have knowledge, insight or news within a particular area that might be of value to others? Try writing a post in the blog section


Become a community connector, finding new external partner organizations and help building valuable connections


Become a project connector, introduce new projects that could benefit from systems thinking to the community

Circle Organizer

Take ownership! Talk to us about becoming the developer of a circle, actively engaging with its overall advancement

Let’s Get Started

Becoming a partner is simple, easy and open to everyone. Just shoot us a message with the form below to let us know how you might like to contribute and to what circle or circles, we will upgrade your account in no time. Please provide your username.