Decentralized Autonomous Organization A Short Film

“Blockchain is, I would say, not only a technological revolution but first and foremost a socio-economic revolution. The blockchain is a tool to bring us into a more decentralized world. Why can we disrupt organizations with blockchain in order to understand this we need to understand the history of the internet. So if we look back the first generation Internet in the early 90s revolutionized information and this is why we called it the information data highway. About ten years later we have the so-called web 2.0 – the internet became more mature more programmable and all of a sudden we had on, one the hand social media platforms and on the other hand a peer-to-peer economy where the consumer and the producer came, closer to each other of information of opinion of goods and services. So the original vision of the internet was to be a decentralized world where everyone could put information online. But in the web, it became very centralized with those platforms. It brought us this peer-to-peer economy but with this huge man in the middle this platform in the middle who started to control all the data and dictates the rules of transactions of that platform. So instead of the internet becoming more decentralized it became more centralized, and what we’re doing now with blockchain and IPFS on all these other technologies of the decentralized web, we are redesigning data structures given the fact that we are already living in the connected world and if we think of blockchain in the context of the internet it is the driving technology behind the decentralized web, or also called the Web 3.0″ –  Shermin Voshmgir