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IoT Blockchain

The internet is evolving into a new technology paradigm based around smart systems, the blockchain, platforms, and IoT. In the coming years, these technologies will interact and converge in new...

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The Rise of Smart Systems

As a revolution in information technology unfolds at an extraordinary speed, science fiction appears to be becoming science fact. Within just a couple of short decades, we have gone from the PC...

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Platform Technologies

With the rise of information technology and the ever-increasing complexity of our technology landscape, platforms have become the design paradigm of choice for today's complex engineered systems...

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Technology Systems

Technology Systems Technology is often defined as the use of scientific knowledge to solve problems.1 In such a way technology refers to the development of systematic methods for solving some...

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SocioTechnical Systems

Socio-technical systems is an approach to the study and design of complex organizations and technologies that recognizes the interaction between people and technology as a defining factor in the...

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Technology Evolution

The term technology evolution can be used to describe how complex systems of technology are shaped by, and developed through the process of evolution over prolonged periods of time....