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Services are very different from products and bring with them a whole different economic logic something that is often under appreciated and that we are still trying to make sense of in the science and design of services.


Circular Economy

As we shift from a linear to a nonlinear economic model the circular economy is enabling an ocean of new value opportunities, value is shifting from forming part of a linear value chain to closing loops.



What is an economy? Is it things, stuff like cars, houses, washing machines and computers? Or is it services? The function of those things, payment services, cleaning services, heating, communication etc.


The Value Of Water

Water which can easily be seen as the most valuable resource on Earth is in many places treated as if it did not have any value at all. But the scarcity of water globally - where and when it is needed - is an increasing economic reality that will likely change the nature of the value we ascribe to water in the coming decades.

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