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Project Collaboration
BTC Bros Ltd

The BTC Bros group was formed in 2016 by a small group of tech savvy, entrepreneurial thinkers.
The business, was registered in 2017, specialising in Cryptocurrency & Blockchain technology. Offering industry relevant consultancy, online marketing, educational products & services.


ShiftN works around the globe with leading organisations in the private sector, public authorities and civil society to unravel problems that demand integrated thinking across multiple sectors and disciplines.

Gordon Swenson

Applying CAS principles/design in real life, real time, in pursuit of making life better, for as many people as possible, with a substantial and growing/thriving community. Would love to collaborate.

Lawrence Kelly

AI Researcher / Sr. Linux & UNIX Administration, C/C++ Programming, Creation of programming languages/environments

Guilhermina Castro

Graduation and doctorate in Psychology
Advanced training in Morenian Psychodrama
Teacher at the School of Arts of the Catholic University of Portugal
Research: complex narratives in media, character creation and romantic relationships.

Thomas Chaidas

Designer with a demonstrated history of working with nature. Skilled in Research, Systems Thinking, Permaculture Design, Sketching and Design for Sustainability. Strong technology and design professional with a Master?s Degree focused in Integrated Product Design and Innovation

Waters Foundation

We are worked across the U.S. and around the globe to develop systems thinkers who will shape our current and future world by understanding the complexities of the systems we live and work in.

Domain of Interest: Systems Thinking

A designer who is interested in making a meaningful and purposeful impact for people

Calem Smith

"Better ideas must be allowed to emerge through an evolutionary process of creation, mutation, and critical selection." @Calem_Smith/transhumanism-distributed-ledger-technologies-4f007360e37d @Calem_Smith/hello-world-6de02cf9d362

Patrick Byrne

Dynamic Network Architecture creator- Industry Ecosystem Cartographer- Digital Organisms architect

Domain of Interest: Adaptive Systems
Dino Carpentras

I obtained my PhD in phothonics in Lausanne working on novel ophthalmic devices. I also have been active in researching and spreading knowledge about critical thinking and social dynamics.

Ash Sharma

Founder/CEO, interested in building P2P economies on Blockchain, data ownership with users, and free trade of data

Domain of Interest: Blockchain
Michael Zargham

Michael Zargham is the founder and CEO of BlockScience. Dr. Zargham holds a PhD in systems engineering from the University of Pennsylvania where he studied optimization and control of decentralized networks.

Mikael Seppala

Freelancer from Finland with acumen in Service Design, Connected Collaboration (Collective Intelligence, Social Technology, Network Organizations), Systems Thinking and Complexity applied to developing teams, organizations and society.

Domain of Interest: Complexity Management
Jaime De Miguel

FORMA founder- International workshop for complex systems simulation

Domain of Interest: Social Complexity
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