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Complexity Management
James Allens

I am a learner in life

Filip Callewaert

Digital Workplace manager / implementator in different companies

Michael Cahlil

I started watching the Complexity Theory videos on Youtube when they first went up and got hooked on the concept. Now I'm here to learn more.

Florencio Gudino

Political scientist, specialized on international cooperation, with a focus on project cycle management. Currently works in the International Labour Organizations' Strategic Programming and Management Department.

Member Role: Professional
Casper Jorna

Leading a global innovation programme based on systems thinking.

Daniel Rubach

Command Center Advanced Analytics Lead,
MSc Predictive Analytics, MSc Operations Management

Peter Swanson

I am a change and transformation professional who has dedicated his life to helping organisations adapt their operating models and cultures, to align to a world where disruption and change is the norm

SE Training GmbH

Systems Engineering and Project Management are core engineering disciplines used to enable the delivery of complex projects within schedule and cost expectations.

Alfonso Cornejo

Director at Accelum Consulting Network. Consultant since 1994, providing support in Business Transformation, Change Management, Organizational Development, Problem Solving, Systems Thinking and Complexity Management.
Associate professor at OneMBA EGADE

Member Role: Teacher
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