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Media & Culture
Peter Swanson

I am a change and transformation professional who has dedicated his life to helping organisations adapt their operating models and cultures, to align to a world where disruption and change is the norm

Katiana Castang

Research masters student at the university of Amsterdam, incorporating complexity into her thesis work on affective atmosphere.

Member Role: Student
Robin Uchida

C. W. Churchman's early insights inspired me to apply systems thinking in design, communications. I find my inquiry is about the people who populate the systems, their readiness, agility, and adaptive potential - in the classroom and the boardroom.

Davinder Jawanda

An ethical and trustworthy professional, with a natural ability to connect with individuals at all levels by engendering trust, confidence and respect.

Member Role: Enterprise
Yixuan Li

An incoming international student from Asia, cognitive science major candidate
Passionate about using system thinking to understand neuroscience, history and education.

Brandi Carr

A global citizen first and a young undergraduate student second. I'm always eager to learn about the interconnectedness of Humanity.

Heidi Tscherning

I teach at the University of Melbourne within the area of information systems; e.g. security and privacy, knowledge management and emerging technologies and issues

Sean Woodard

International Relations graduate student at Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences, Hellersdorf, Berlin, specializing in media and web development. Artist, musician, flaneur.