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Service Design
Filip Callewaert

Digital Workplace manager / implementator in different companies

Dejan Blagic

I am UX/UI Designer and Researcher. I have bachelor degree in political science and now I am on the master studies of computational social science.

Peter Swanson

I am a change and transformation professional who has dedicated his life to helping organisations adapt their operating models and cultures, to align to a world where disruption and change is the norm

Aures Tchana

Passionate about empowering people's life, Strategist for community sustainability, Investor in the future. Transform organizations to become design driven.

Gamal Arafa

More than 25 years while I effectively contributed to the growth and success of three major organizations in Saudi Arabia and Egypt using excellent planning, leadership, and management abilities.

Erik Braaten

I am a job developer working with refugees in the Denver metro area. I think the systems in which my clients operate in everyday can use improvement and I want to learn more about how to fix them.

Yahya Zakaria

passionate about how to design organizations that thrive in 21 century

Martin Kadlecek

i work in customer service industry, have a small company specialising in sales support solutions, i am looking for concepts that would help me to manage the increasing number of employees

Paulo Alves

Consultant on Social Innovation. Student at The School of System Change (UK)

Matt Jeavons
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