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Barry Solow

Retired. Studied sociolinguistics many years ago. Interested in the intersection of cognitive and social sciences. Comfortable with Linux. Programmed in perl and shell years ago, so I'm rusty.

Early Childhood System Solutions, LLC

Early Childhood System Solutions (ECSS) is a small consulting firm located in San Diego, California, USA. ECSS works with educational organizations, governments, nonprofits, and corporations to disrupt and reshape early learning systems.

Roberto Salazar

I'm a 17 year old kid from Mexico who is in love with learning about arts, sciences, and pretty much anything I can get my hands on.

Jeppe Linnet

Anthropologist in UX research

Member Role: Researcher
Domain: Society
Santiago Rodriguez
Robin Uchida

C. W. Churchman's early insights inspired me to apply systems thinking in design, communications. I find my inquiry is about the people who populate the systems, their readiness, agility, and adaptive potential - in the classroom and the boardroom.

Giuseppe Alkire

Undergraduate at Indiana University. New to complexity and systems. Here for networking, exposure, and personal learning purposes. Willing to help and collaborate if desired.

Alireza Amani

I&#039;m a Computer Engineering student willing to study economics &lt;img src=&quot; <a href=" ;quot" target="_blank"> ;quot</a> ; alt=&quot;:D&quot; title=&quot;:D&quot; class=&quot;emoji&quot; /&gt;

Robert Thompson

Ecopsychologist who assist people to transition from mechanical thinking to systems thinking, supports formation of self organising community, supports formation of self organising networks

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