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Sustainable Technology
Joshua Rapp

An ecologist, geographer, technologist with an interest in the interaction between natural and human systems

Santiago Rodriguez
Bin Xie

I have 10 years experience in complex project management and FinTech, and I would love to learn more about Blockchain technology and its implementation to disrupt future finance and IT services.

Tribhuwan Negi

CTO of Technodeationlabs. Consults on on designing distributed resilience systems

Giuseppe Alkire

Undergraduate at Indiana University. New to complexity and systems. Here for networking, exposure, and personal learning purposes. Willing to help and collaborate if desired.

Gamal Arafa

More than 25 years while I effectively contributed to the growth and success of three major organizations in Saudi Arabia and Egypt using excellent planning, leadership, and management abilities.

Ammara Tariq

A student

Member Role: Student
Emilia Lischke

Community builder and strategist with 3+ years experience specialising in multi-stakeholder change and engagement
initiatives. Creative, agile and analytical team player with a background in cultural studies and international public policy.

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