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Systems Design
Rutvika Gupta

I am a second-year graduate student in Design for Social Innovation at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. My previous experience has been in Industrial Design, Inclusive Design and Design Research.

Marco Cataffo

PhD Candidate in Design and Management,
currently working on socio-technical systems design in the field of Robotics

Dejan Blagic

I am UX/UI Designer and Researcher. I have bachelor degree in political science and now I am on the master studies of computational social science.

Michael Cahlil

I started watching the Complexity Theory videos on Youtube when they first went up and got hooked on the concept. Now I'm here to learn more.

Early Childhood System Solutions, LLC

Early Childhood System Solutions (ECSS) is a small consulting firm located in San Diego, California, USA. ECSS works with educational organizations, governments, nonprofits, and corporations to disrupt and reshape early learning systems.

Roberto Salazar

I'm a 17 year old kid from Mexico who is in love with learning about arts, sciences, and pretty much anything I can get my hands on.

Alexandre Sacchetto

I'm looking to deepen my knowledge.

Dan Kimball

Seasoned entrepreneur in technology companies internationally. Learned about Systems-Thinking from R..Buckminster Fuller whom I worked with on projects during the last years of his life.

SE Training GmbH

Systems Engineering and Project Management are core engineering disciplines used to enable the delivery of complex projects within schedule and cost expectations.

Mario López de Ávila Muñoz

Complexity Wizard. Agile Pioneer. Innovation Sensei. Above all, a True Systems Thinker.

Aures Tchana

Passionate about empowering people's life, Strategist for community sustainability, Investor in the future. Transform organizations to become design driven.

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