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Systems Theory
Michael Cahlil

I started watching the Complexity Theory videos on Youtube when they first went up and got hooked on the concept. Now I'm here to learn more.

Shafkat Sakeebur Rahman

Physics student interested in whole systems.

Early Childhood System Solutions, LLC

Early Childhood System Solutions (ECSS) is a small consulting firm located in San Diego, California, USA. ECSS works with educational organizations, governments, nonprofits, and corporations to disrupt and reshape early learning systems.

Juan Calsiano

I'm currently writing a book about an evidence-based reconceptualization of matter, energy and all the conceptual foundations of physics, based on a systemic worldview.
If matter in motion is irreducibly and hence endlessly complex, everything makes more sense.

Daria Rovan

I'm psychology teacher at the faculty of teacher education.

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