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Complexity Theory
Amin Shahnazari

Condensed Matter Physics, Critical Phenomena, Programming, Computational Physics

Cole Dieckhaus

Studying computer science with a strong interest in game theory and automata theory.

Avery Carter

Blockchain Researcher and educational proponent; interested in distributed technologies and scalability issues. Also experimenting with mobile-based AR optimization and edge computing. Always learning and glad to meet new people.

Steve Zeiger

The main thrust of this enterprise is the teaching of systems and complexity theory to the agricultural sector in association with the financial benefits of farming with healthy soils.

Joshua Tedam

Strategic. Enterprise Architect aligning Information technology and healthcare business strategy. Doctor Of Busines Administration student researching on technology strategy and complexity in healthcare.

Jeff Barlow

I am a semi retired teacher and psychotherapist interested in the application of systems & complexity theory to the field of psychotherapy & the teaching of psychotherapists.

Prasanna Andoju

I am Prasanna, working as a Software Engineer.

Uri Promentilla

Currently a student at DLSU

Brian Dowling

New Community Paradigms blog and wiki focus questions impacting community development and arenas beyond. What I learned in government and interacting on the web regarding governance and community empowerment, particularly through a Systems Thinking lens.

Tim Hopper

Dr. Hopper is an associate professor in the Faculty of Education, University of Victoria, BC. His scholarly work focuses on complexity theory applications to teacher education, physical education and the use of digital technologies in higher education.

Riz Ruzgal

Trying to understand Systems Biology from a pure math training.

Abdelhamid Ouassini


Pierluca D'Amato

I'm a PhD candidate at Durham University, and I am working on contemporary French philosophy of digital technologies.
I'm specialized in process philosophy, and my research articulates the notions of assemblage, emergence and individuation.

Roger Gonzalez

Aerospace engineer interested in using statistical mechanics and non linear methods in the economy

Andres Garzon

Engineer who finds complexity theory extremely interesting!!

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