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Systems Theory
Jeff Barlow

I am a semi retired teacher and psychotherapist interested in the application of systems & complexity theory to the field of psychotherapy & the teaching of psychotherapists.

Uri Promentilla

Currently a student at DLSU

Riz Ruzgal

Trying to understand Systems Biology from a pure math training.

Pierluca D'Amato

I'm a PhD candidate at Durham University, and I am working on contemporary French philosophy of digital technologies.
I'm specialized in process philosophy, and my research articulates the notions of assemblage, emergence and individuation.

Arthur Buitelaar

Active in design and management of permaculture systems.

Marcin Stepien

Software Engineer

Jacob Clayton

Infantry Officer in the United States Marine Corps

Joseph Maynor

I am Joseph Maynor currently active on the Actualized.Org Forum. I am not affiliated with Actualized.Org.

Khalid Abdullah

I am a master student and a restaurant worker, we as human are dealing with is a complex system thus firstly it deserves some appreciation before we decided to alter it, I think of this as the ultimate wisdom.