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Systems Theory
Paul Olaitan

A doctorate in Leadership in Children's Services, a background in youth work and youth justice and currently trying to promote collaboration in heath and care across organisational and sector boundaries - focusing on workforce

Michael Gaio

Founder, Mythic Systems | Evolutionary Experience Designer | Creative Technologist | UX/UI, VR/AR/XR, AI, Blockchain/DLT

Bruno Goulart de Oliveira

I want to live in a world with more education, compassion and health. This is what matter to me. So, let's collaboratively create it!

Thandiwe McCarthy

Canadian student intrested to know more about systems theory

Rubén Darío Villota Galeano

Bachelor in Basic Education with Emphasis in Social Sciences from the University of Nariño-Colombia, Researcher in Computational Social Sciences.

François-Xavier Pasquier

I am a collective intelligence facilitator, with the mission of supporting the autonomy of change makers, with new ways of being and doing towards desirable futures.