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Peter Olausson

Former Yale University Cognitive Neuroscientist turned Artificial Intelligence entrepreneur. Co-founder of COGNITUUM AGI, building next-generation AI.

Beth McCarthy

Design + Research at Starfish Network and Bee Token; organizer of Mechanism Design Working Group; defining, designing and refining economic spaces and decentralized systems

Activity: Discussion
Domain of Interest: Systems Design
Jesus Beyza

PhD. Student

Domain of Interest: Energy
Roger Gonzalez

Aerospace engineer interested in using statistical mechanics and non linear methods in the economy

Saman Bazmi

M.Sc of Physics from Shahid Beheshti University.

Domain of Interest: Nonlinear Physics
Gloria Crabolu

I'm a 1st year phd student at the University of Surrey, investigating the influence of tourism sustainability indicators in policy-making. I'll be using complexity theory and drawing a casual loop diagram.

Activity: Learning
Domain of Interest: Complexity Theory
Behrouz Safari

Urban sociologist, interested in complexity theory

Lawrence Kelly

AI Researcher / Sr. Linux & UNIX Administration, C/C++ Programming, Creation of programming languages/environments

Guilhermina Castro

Graduation and doctorate in Psychology
Advanced training in Morenian Psychodrama
Teacher at the School of Arts of the Catholic University of Portugal
Research: complex narratives in media, character creation and romantic relationships.

Darcy Griffin

I am an INTJ virgo neuroscientist; who hopes you just laughed.

Activity: Learning
Domain of Interest: Nonlinear Systems
Daniele Roffinella

Daniele Roffinella - Professor @ University of Turin & ICT independent analyst - focus on Network and Service innovation - Previously Senior Executive Manager in Network Evolution Strategy & Innovative ICT Technology

Activity: Discussion
Domain of Interest: Network Theory
Krish Rao

IoT, Home Automation, Smart Cities, AI, Renewable Energy, Energy Harvesting, Energy Efficiency, Embedded Systems, Microcontrollers, ARM Cortex-M, MSP430FRxxxx, PIC16LF1xxxx, RISC-V, Wireless Sensor Networks, Research.

Domain of Interest: System Innovation
Calem Smith

"Better ideas must be allowed to emerge through an evolutionary process of creation, mutation, and critical selection." @Calem_Smith/transhumanism-distributed-ledger-technologies-4f007360e37d @Calem_Smith/hello-world-6de02cf9d362

Andreas Hestermeyer

Programmer, Manager, Researcher. 30 years of industrial experience in space systems engineering, medical product engineering and automotive production and service. Focusing on integrated models for socio-technical systems.

Falin James

I am a learner in life

Domain of Interest: Complexity Science
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