October Monthly Update
Complexity Labs in October 2018

Short updates on the exciting stuff happening this month at Complexity Labs...whats new?



This will be our sixth live streaming event in collaboration with the HumanCurrent on the topic of “Data + Analytics + Networks” how we can use new information technologies, like blockchain and analytics, to build new forms of networked organization. This event will take place on Friday, Oct 19th at 6pm GMT which is 1pm CST


Systems Innovation Course

We are still publishing our Systems Innovation course. Systems innovation and systems change are terms that have risen to prominence in the past few decades in the face of a new set of challenges that are recognized to be complex, interconnected, and highly dynamic... follow the video course on our site.

Token Economics Course

Our Token Economics course is still in production more videos coming this month. This course applies complexity economic thinking to understanding how these new forms of blockchain based token economies work and the possibilities this technology offers for designing distributed networked organizations


Legal Systems In a Networks Society

Just recently we published our analysis paper on the evolution of legal systems as we move farther into the information age. This paper looks specifically at how our existing legal framework will be shaped as a consequence of the rise of the distributed web.


Singapore Meetup

This will be our first meetup that will be cohosted with our partners X-order. The exact dates and location are not yet confirmed but it will take place in Singapore in late November. Being our first organized event this will be a relatively small and informal event the main topic will be on complexity, economics and blockchain technology, we will have a number of presenters that are yet to be confirmed but will include Joss Colchester(founder of Complexity Labs) who will give a talk on complexity economics and how it relates to blockchain networks. All are welcome to join but places are limited. Hope to see you there but if you can not make it to this event we are planning a larger more formal conference held in Europe in early 2019.


Discussion Forum

As always if you have any questions or topics you would like to discuss feel free to post them in the forum and we will get back to you shortly