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Trixta is a decentralized business operating system - for crypto-token-based communities. We believe the world is moving to a new paradigm where many organizations will morph into, or join with, distributed communities, to operate token-based ecosystems.

Domain of Interest: Blockchain

X-Order is the world's leading token virtual economy think tank. We conduct and support inter-disciplinary research in social sciences and technological developments such as token economy, complex systems, artificial intelligence, network topology and cognitive neuroscience.

Waters Foundation

We are worked across the U.S. and around the globe to develop systems thinkers who will shape our current and future world by understanding the complexities of the systems we live and work in.

Domain of Interest: Systems Thinking

We are exploring complexity in all fields of study in the hopes that our discoveries will help us learn more about the human mind, organizations & relationships.

Domain of Interest: Systems Thinking
Future Considerations

We are a global consultancy that co-creates with forward thinking clients to build their capacity for the future.


BlockScience is a technology research and analytics firm specializing in the design and evaluation of decentralized economic systems.

Cesar Yoc

The Bronx Institute for Urban Systems mission is to use GIS Education and Systems Planning Principles to improve Bronx neighborhood.s

Domain of Interest: Systems Ecology
Caribbean Blockchain Network

Educate about the true potential of blockchain tech and create a Caribbean environment in which development and well-being prosper.

Domain of Interest: BlockchainToken Economies
Activity: Discussion
Clinical Skills Development Service

I am the Director of Simulation for Clinical Skills Development Service in Queensland Health, Australia

Domain of Interest: Health Care
Rays Network

Rays Network is a next generation blockchain based upon Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) and Bulletproof algorithm customized to meet our community?s needs

Domain of Interest: BlockchainTechnology
SE Training GmbH

Systems Engineering and Project Management are core engineering disciplines used to enable the delivery of complex projects within schedule and cost expectations.

ACE Huerta

A group of people directed by Octavio Huerta Torres Psychologist. PhD in Complex thinking

Domain of Interest: Complexity Science
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