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Organization Partner Network

ACE Huerta

A group of people directed by Octavio Huerta Torres Psychologist. PhD in Complex thinking

Domain of Interest: Complexity Science

Umio brings a universal systemic design framework and approach for co-creating advanced forms of value in health and care ecosystems.

Early Childhood System Solutions, LLC

Early Childhood System Solutions (ECSS) is a small consulting firm located in San Diego, California, USA. ECSS works with educational organizations, governments, nonprofits, and corporations to disrupt and reshape early learning systems.

Francesco Filia

Complexity theory enthusiast, banking first, now in hedge funds.

Complexity Space Consulting

Complexity Space Consulting offers a ground breaking, pattern-based approach to understanding and influencing organizational change.


ShiftN works around the globe with leading organisations in the private sector, public authorities and civil society to unravel problems that demand integrated thinking across multiple sectors and disciplines.

Giorgio Tarabra

Curiosity is essential to survive

Virtuos Digital Ltd.

Virtuos is Customer Experience and Digital Transformation Consulting Company.

Domain of Interest: Complexity Management
Spines Connected Learning

We help organizations to think strategically by leveraging learning. A systems thinking approach to organizational learning and development.

BTC Bros Ltd

The BTC Bros group was formed in 2016 by a small group of tech savvy, entrepreneurial thinkers.
The business, was registered in 2017, specialising in Cryptocurrency & Blockchain technology. Offering industry relevant consultancy, online marketing, educational products & services.

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