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Partners Network

Ammy Vogtlander

Worked 20+ yrs at large corporations in various senior positions incl. strategy & analytics. Studied physics, final research on chaos in neural networks. Concerned about role big data & data analytics play in today’s corporate management.

Yixuan Li

An incoming international student from Asia, cognitive science major candidate
Passionate about using system thinking to understand neuroscience, history and education.

Danilo Vaz

I believe the human species is at an important moment of its evolution. So I'm trying to understand this moment, as well as possible adaptative patterns.

Walled Mahmoud

Hello All! I am a WordPress developer with big experience in PHP & MySQL database

Domain: Technology
Activities: Project
James Milo

James Milojkovic is the Founder of KnowledgePassion, he is also a Lecturer in the Center for Teaching and Learning at Stanford University and a Fellow of the World Business Academy

Joss Colchester

I founded Complexity Labs and work to glue the project together doing a bit of everything from research and video production to consulting, project management and web development.