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Recruitment: Freelance Researcher

This is a listing for a researcher experienced in complexity theory to work on various research projects on a freelance basis. From time to time we have offers to work on various research projects, but do not have availed time to partake in such projects. We would like to be able to assist those contacting us by connecting them with someone who can, thus we are looking for someone with knowledge in complexity theory who is interested in partaking in such research projects.

These offers typically come from and are funded by universities around the world but many also be part of private research initiatives. Examples of some research projects that we have been offered to work on in the past were in the domains of, linguistics, biomechanics, urbanism, natural disaster prediction, healthcare, environmental science, business management and engineering among others. We may get an offer once a week, once a month, or once every few months it varies greatly.

The main qualification that is needed is a combination of general knowledge in science combined with a deep understanding of the different areas of complexity theory, plus systems theory. You would not, of course, be required to have in-depth knowledge of specific domains, what is required is that you have good general knowledge of different areas of both the natural and social sciences – and possibly engineering or management – so as to be able to effectively coordinate with others who have the domain specific knowledge.

The “clients” who contact us typically do so because they like our approach to complexity theory, so it would be required that you have something of a similar approach. People approach complexity theory from different angles, ours is a conceptual approach based on systems thinking. A lot of the value that this approach offers is in helping people look at problems in new ways, seeing the whole instead of just the parts. Ideally, you would be a systems thinker but also be familiar with all of the various models that make up complexity theory and have experience working on research projects.

All projects would be funded and you should expect to be remunerated at a typical rate for such work, however all finances would be for you to negotiate with the initiator of the project directly, we are essentially just working as a liaison to extend the services we offer and will not be involved in the finance in any way, this will be for you to manage.

This opening is available to anyone meeting the requirements above, you do not necessarily have to have a Ph.D., Masters or any such thing, you just need to have the knowledge. This offering is, of course, open to anyone irrespective of race, gender, nationality etc. however, you will be expected to have a high proficiency in the English language.

Aside from research projects we also have offerings to partake in conferences, talks and consulting from time to time and this may in the future be offered to you to represent us, for the moment though this posting is for research projects solely. For those interested please use the form bellow to contact us providing some information about yourself, a résumé and/or Linkedin profile. Thanks for your time and look forward to hearing from you.