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Systems Engineering Books (4)

  • Engineering Systems: Meeting Human Needs in a Complex Technological World

    Engineering Systems: Meeting Human Needs in a Complex Technological World

    An overview of engineering systems that describes the new challenges posed for twenty-first-century engineers by today's highly complex sociotechnical systems. Engineering, for much of the twentieth century, was mainly about artifacts and inventions. Now, it's increasingly about complex systems. As the airplane taxis to the gate, you access the Internet and check email with your PDA, linking the communication and transportation systems.

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  • System Engineering Analysis, Design, and Development

    System Engineering Analysis, Design, and Development

    This textbook presents a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to System Engineering analysis, design, and development via an integrated set of concepts, principles, practices, and methodologies. The methods presented in this text apply to any type of human system -- small, medium, and large organizational systems and system development projects delivering engineered systems or services across multiple business sectors such as medical, transportation, financial, educational, governmental, aerospace and defense, utilities, political, and charity, among others.

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  • Introduction to Systems Engineering

    Introduction to Systems Engineering

    This e-book provides a basic coverage of the discipline known as systems engineering. The e-book supports the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that the authors deliver regularly through the Coursera platform and is an overview of our more-comprehensive physical text “Systems Engineering Practice”, also published by Argos Press. Here, we offer a framework encapsulating the entire systems engineering discipline, clearly showing where the multitude of associated activities fits within the overall effort, providing an ideal vehicle for understanding the complex discipline.

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  • Systems Engineering: Design Principles and Models

    Systems Engineering: Design Principles and Models

    For the past several decades, systems engineering has grown rapidly in its scope and application and shown significant benefits for the design of large, complex systems. However, current systems engineering textbooks are either too technical or at a high conceptual level. Written by an expert with more than ten years of teaching experience, Systems Engineering: Design Principles and Models not only gives students exposure to the concepts of systems and systems engineering, but also provides enough technical expertise for them to immediately use and apply what they learn.

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Systems Engineering Videos (3)

  • Systems & Systems Engineering – Systems Thinking

    Systems & Systems Engineering – Systems Thinking

    A series of videos about systems and systems engineering—this one is about Systems Thinking, or thinking about the world around us, and its problems, in a joined up way. Systems Thinking is designed to get to "the heart of the matter," the root problem, the "core issue," or whatever… but, how to go about it?

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  • Socio-technical Systems Engineering

    Socio-technical Systems Engineering

    Presentation by Ian Sommerville, University of St Andrews, at the final LSCITS Symposium, York, 12th June 2013

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  • Leading Scientists Discuss Converging Technologies

    Leading Scientists Discuss Converging Technologies

    This is one of a series of interviews with scientists working at the convergence of nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive science. Participants discuss their definition of technological convergence, how this might affect various scientific fields and what obstacles must be addressed to reach convergence’s full potential. In this video, George Whitesides of Harvard University discusses technological convergence.

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System Engineering Training (2)

  • Systems Engineering

    Systems Engineering

    This 5-day Systems Engineering for Technology-Based Projects and Product Developments course is intended for anybody who will perform or manage significant engineering roles, whether under the name “systems engineering” or not. This course is ideal for formal systems engineering training in that it leads the participant through the ways of thinking and acting that is systems engineering.

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  • Systems Engineering Training

    Systems Engineering Training

    SE-Training has been founded for providing tailored and standard cross-functional engineering disciplines such as Systems Engineering, Project Management, Safety Engineering, Product Development and Design Thinking.

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