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Systems Innovation

With our deep knowledge in complex systems we function as an independent research, consulting and design company for partner organizations on our platform. We help our partners adopt a systems paradigm to be effective within complex environments; to use systems thinking to innovate and invision new scenarios; to design new solutions based upon distributed technologies. By drawing upon the expertise of our platform we support a wide variety of clients to think and act systemically in the communications and design of their project. Our unique systems and complexity perspective offers a better understanding of societal and technical challenges and enables the development of radically new innovation strategies that give long-term clarity of purpose. We do this on the basis of strong analytical skills and knowledge of a wide variety of sectors and domains.

How It Works

1. Envision

We help our partners formulate a vision and identity for their organization; to better understand and communicate what they are doing and why it matters. We help them develop a media strategy, wrapping their message in rich multimedia content to bring it alive, make it compelling and attractive.

2. Communicate

We help our partners to communicate their project and solution more effectively; we help to structure the basic logic and overall outline to their solution and use this as the foundations for creating explainer videos, graphics and text content that brings clarity to their solution.

3. Transform

We function as a research center/innovation lab collaborating on the development of new ideas at the intersection of complex systems and distributed technologies. We help organizations understand the major trends shaping their domain and how to adapt to that changing context.

4. Design

We work with various projects helping to design the overall structure of their system, bringing to bear our extensive knowledge of complex system design, networked theory, and distributed systems. With a background in information technology, we help to design platforms and networks that work.

Current Projects

Rays Network

A Fast and Secure Next Generation Blockchain


We are currently working with Rays Network as advisors to the development of their innovative blockchain, we primarily assist by helping to communicate their project to a broad audience effectively.

Blockchain Based Decentralized Governance


We worked with to help better structure their project. We wrote much of their white paper communicating a vision for the project and a basic outlines to the workings of their distributed governance platform.


General Purpose Blockchain Platform


We currently work with the BlockSafe Alliance to help better communicate their technology. In the process we are writing much of their white paper and producing a series of infographics and explainer videos.


Token Economy For Early Childhood Development


We will be working with Avamind to designing the token economy for their early childhood development platform, connecting families with educational resources and medical services peer-to-peer.


Trixta is a decentralized business operating system, for crypto-token-based communities

Networked Organizations

We are currently working with South African based startup Trixta as they build a blockchain platform enabling people to set up their own networked organizations and token communities.

DAV Network

Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles Network

We worked with the Israeli startup DAV network to shape the overall vision of their project and the future of transport based upon blockchain technology

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