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Our services offerings are designed to assist and support individuals and organizations in the usage of complexity theory in general – and more specifically our research and educational material – by offering various forms of training, consulting and research services. Through our services program, you will get a more personalized experience, you will be kept up to date with changes on our platform and gain a more extensive level of support and can avail of the specific services listed below. To start the process just fill out the form below providing information about your organization or yourself, the project you are initiating, services you might be interested in and any other relevant information. We will get back to you shortly.

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We can offer you support and consultation on the use and adoption of systems thinking within many different areas


We can provide talks on the wide variety of topics that you find covered in our videos, from complex systems to self-organization to the distributed economy


We can function as a think tank/research center/innovation lab for the development of new ideas at the intersection of complexity and your domain of interest


We can provide seminars, training sessions, and various other customized educational services introducing complexity and systems thinking