Health Analytics


Health Analytics There's a tsunami of information coming our way, the world's digital data is expected to double every two years for the next decade.1 This data is of a new form, what we call big data, which is unstructured data from a wide variety of sources. The International Data Corporation has estimated that unstructured [...]

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Human-Machine Relation


Human Machine Relation There is currently much debate surrounding the relationship between humans and smart systems. Such questions span the full spectrum from practical considerations surrounding work displacement and employment to existential threats to humanity. Indeed, it is important to recognize that at the end of the day the success of this technology revolution is [...]

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Data-Driven Organizations


Data-Driven Organizations The information and knowledge revolution is creating a new form of economy right before our eyes. Within just the space of a single generation, we will switch from an economy grounded in an industrial model to one based on information and knowledge and out of this will emerge a new form of enterprise. [...]

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Smart Systems Security


Smart Systems Security The rise of smart systems represents a natural evolution of our information technology but with this next generation of information systems, we are both vastly expanding our technological capabilities and also consolidating - plus handing over - an extraordinary amount of power to these automated algorithms and because of this there needs [...]

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Autonomous Agents


Autonomous Agents This next generation of computing that we have been discussing involves a degree of agency on the behalf of computers. With machine learning, computers have the capacity to take in large amounts of information, make decisions of some sort and act on that; what is called agency. Autonomous systems use information gathered from [...]

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Smart Platforms


Smart Platforms Coupled with the rise of this next generation of computing has been the expansion of cyber-physical systems. With the Internet of Things, devices, objects, and all type of technologies are becoming instrumented and networked to algorithms running in the cloud. With this next generation, computers are starting to come out of the world [...]

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Smart Systems


Smart Systems Since the rise of the internet, we have found ourselves living in two seemingly parallel worlds, one the familiar physical world the other this growing world of information. But with the convergence of advanced analytics, cloud computing and the Internet of Things, these two worlds are starting to collide in powerful new ways [...]

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Limitations of Algorithms


Limitations of Algorithms For better or worse our world is in the midst of a silent algorithmic revolution. Many of the decisions that humans once made are being handed over to mathematical formulas. Today, we expect algorithms to provide us with the answer—who to date, where to live, how to deal with an economic problem. [...]

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Deep Learning


Deep Learning Deep nets are the current state of the art in pattern recognition, but they build upon a decades-old technology of neural networks talked about in the past module. It took many decades after the initial concept to arrive at functional deep nets because they are very hard to train. The method suffered from [...]

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Neural Networks


Neural Networks Artificial neural networks are computing systems inspired by the biological neural network of the brain. Such systems can progressively improve their ability to do tasks and recognize patterns by learning from examples. Artificial neural networks are in their essence computational networks that can perform certain specific tasks like clustering, classification, pattern recognition.1 They do [...]

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