Butterfly Effect


Butterfly Effect The butterfly effect is a popular term for what is called sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in some input state to a nonlinear system can result in a vastly disproportionate output at a later stage.View Source The term is thought to derive from the title of a [...]

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Nonlinear Dynamics & Chaos


Nonlinear Dynamics & Chaos Chaos theory is the study of nonlinear systems dynamics whose development is marked by iteration and feedback loops, making them sensitive to initial conditions (what is called the butterfly effect). Even though these nonlinear systems may be deterministic, such as a double pendulum, their long-term trajectory is typically not possible to [...]

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Dynamical Systems


Dynamical Systems Within science and mathematics, dynamics is the study of how things change with respect to time. As opposed to describing things simply in terms of their static properties, the patterns we observe all around us in how the state of things changes over time is an alternative way through which we can describe [...]

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