Blockchain Physical Assets


Blockchain Physical Assets The blockchain originates out of the purely digital realm of Bitcoin. Thus blockchain networks themselves can only ever manage what is on the network. This is fine if the asset is simply a digital token, but going forwards we find ourselves increasingly wanting to use these networks to manage real-world assets, thus [...]

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Smart Systems Security


Smart Systems Security The rise of smart systems represents a natural evolution of our information technology but with this next generation of information systems, we are both vastly expanding our technological capabilities and also consolidating - plus handing over - an extraordinary amount of power to these automated algorithms and because of this there needs [...]

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Autonomous Agents


Autonomous Agents This next generation of computing that we have been discussing involves a degree of agency on the behalf of computers. With machine learning, computers have the capacity to take in large amounts of information, make decisions of some sort and act on that; what is called agency. Autonomous systems use information gathered from [...]

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Smart Systems


Smart Systems Since the rise of the internet, we have found ourselves living in two seemingly parallel worlds, one the familiar physical world the other this growing world of information. But with the convergence of advanced analytics, cloud computing and the Internet of Things, these two worlds are starting to collide in powerful new ways [...]

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