Smart Health Networks


Smart Health Networks Today hight transaction and administration costs are a central issue within our existing health care approach. The dislocation caused by many siloed systems makes it hard to organize around the patient's needs, while administrative costs remain high. The globalization of health, the movement towards the privatization of health and the advent of [...]

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Network Centrality


Network Centrality Centrality is a measure that tells us how influential or significant a node is within the overall network.View Source This concept of significance will have different meanings depending on the type of network we are analyzing. In some ways, centrality indices are answers to the question "What characterizes an important node?" From [...]

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Complex Contagion


Complex Contagion Complex contagion is the phenomenon in social networks in which multiple sources of exposure to some alteration are required before an individual adopts the change of behavior. This differs from simple contagion in that, it may not be possible for the innovation to spread after only one incident of contact with an infected [...]

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Network Effects


Network Effects The network effect arises when users gain value from others using the same network. The more people that join the more value for everyone else, this dynamic is driven by positive externalities and feedback loops.View Source For example, when a person chooses to learn a particular language they are not just generating value [...]

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Multiplex Networks


Multiplex Networks A multiplex network is a network model composed of a multiplicity of overlapping networks that capture the different types of connections between nodes within the network.View Source When analyzing a large system like a metropolitan economy, a corporation or the global commodities market, what we are dealing with is a network that [...]

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