Complexity Management


Complexity management is the application of complexity theory to the practice of management, it draws upon the key insights and ideas from complexity science and uses them to try and help us manage complex organizations

Management Course


It is often said that we live in an increasingly complex world, the pace of change, the degree of connectivity and the scale of operations are leading to rapidly escalating complexity in many domains. As our industrial age systems of organization are ending their lifecycle, globalization, and information technology are taking us into a much more complex world and enabling the emergence of new forms of networked organization. This transition is in turn driving a fundamental transformation in our theory and methods of management, one that goes beyond our traditional paradigm designed for dealing with relatively static, hierarchical organizations within relatively stable and predictable environments, to more complex networked organizations that are adapted to operating i



The environment represents the whole ecosystem that a society depends upon for various ecological services. The challenge of sustainability is requiring a new, more complex, approach to environmental management

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