Management Videos


Our video series explores how new ideas in management combined with complexity theory to present innovative new approaches to management

Environment Videos


Watch our short explainer videos to find out about our complexity approach to environmental management in the age of the Anthropocene

The Network Paradigm


In this video we look at what we call the network paradigm, a paradigm is the set of methods and assumptions underlying a particular scientific domain as such it constitutes a whole way seeing the world

Theory of Emergence


In this video we will be giving a very high-level overview to the concept of emergence and the different aspects to it that we will be covering in more detail in future modules in the course.

Critical Thinking Overview


A short video introducing critical thinking as part of our full course on the subject. Critical thinking consists of both a conceptual skill set and a personal attitude. One must both have the thinking skills to evaluate evidence and processes of inference, but also have the will to subject oneself to the conclusions of those inferences. This involves trust in reason and willingness to reconsider one’s position, or adjust one’s beliefs and actions according to that which is derived from the most solid foundations of reason or empirical data. Critical thinking is inwa

Emergence & Phase Transition


This video presents the ideas of emergence, phase transitions, and strong vs. weak emergence. According to Wikipedia, emergence is conceived as a process whereby larger entities, patterns, and regularities arise through interactions among smaller or simpler entities that

System Dynamics Overview


In this video, we give an overview of the area of system dynamics, a branch of systems theory that tries to model and understand the dynamic behavior of complex systems over time

System Science


Systems theory is a formal language that since its development during the middle of the 20th century has gone on to support many new domains of science under its canopy.