Network Society Short Film


The information revolution is often identified as the most profound driver of change in our world today, enabling an ongoing disruptive transformation in the deep structure to our Industrial Age social institutions as we move further into the 21st century.

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Find out about The Rise of Smart Systems or the revolution in information technology in our multimedia series

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See our selection of videos and articles on topic from the network society, to global culture and discover what a DAO is

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations


A decentralized autonomous organization, also called DAO is an organization that is run by rules that are created by their members through a consensus process and then written into a set of contracts that are run via computer code, thus enabling the automated management of a distributed organization.

IoT Blockchain


The internet is evolving into a new technology paradigm based around smart systems, the blockchain, platforms, and IoT. In the coming years, these technologies will interact and converge in new and unpredictable ways

Financialization Explained


Financialization is an economic paradigm where the conversion of real economic value into financial instruments and their exchange within the financial system comes to dominate economic institutions, activity and value creation.

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See a selection of videos and articles looking at the major changes in the global economy from a complexity perspective

Pattern Formation


A pattern is any set of correlations between the states of elements, pattern formation refers to internally generated patterns. Systems that have the ability to self-organize; to create order from initial disorder.